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Awning windows

(wood interior finish option)




Many benefits

  • Glossy finish (PVC powder).
  • New stylish and elegant pane.
  • Opening double crank with retractable recessed handle, action flaps at 90 degrees for easy cleaning mechanism.
  • Hinges in 13 " stainless steel, providing an opening for window cleaning from the inside.
  • Standard multipoint locking system.
  • Thermal performance and greater durability.
  • Triple weatherstripping.
  • Aluminum frame fitted with a nylon mesh and two white plastic zippers at the top, allowing easy removal of the screen.
  • Member of a complete product family (casements, awnings, sliding, guillotines and fixed) with matching appearance.
  • Maximum flexibility at competitive prices.
  • Several standard colors available.


All PVC windows are fused with aluminum extrusions on the outer face, providing more strength and firmness.






More options ...
Customized according to your tastes and needs!

  • Exterior molding extruded aluminum.
  • Wood interior finish (see options below)
  • PVC casing.
  • Tiles available in many colors.
  • Wood interior finish (see options below)
  • Limiter arm opening.
  • Wide range of high-performance glazing, double triple glass.
  • Girder attached to the surface of the thermos.
  • Available colors: white, clay, commercial brown, khaki, fine sand, black or clear anadonise

Options for the interior finish of wood:

  • Natural light pine profiles glued on the surface of PVC.
  • Blow-pine or select categories 1 and 2 (with knots).
  • Aluminum screen (in color).
  • Girder painted PVC or natural pine.
  • Paint PVC to have no apparent white part.
  • Several hardware colors to match your colors.
  • Stained and varnished wood factory (choice of several colors).


For more information

  Technical sheet
(PDF - 899 KB)
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Awning PVC
Casement PVC
Awning combo ALU
Casement combo ALU

Single sliding PVC
Single hung PVC
Single sliding combo ALU
Single hung combo ALU
Double sliding PVC
Double hung PVC
Double sliding combo ALU
Double hung combo ALU

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